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The Application I introduce on this site free of charge will forecast periods of Challenge/Opportunity in your life.

The method used to accomplish this is unique and mathematically precise, often to within a day. It does not use the traditional tools of astrological forecasting known as transits, progressions, and directions which I found to be unreliable as to the precision and timing of highly significant periods in my life after utilizing these for many years. One evening, after years of study and search I realized the Zodiac itself is a geometry of time that can be utilized as a Life Clock for forecasting significant periods with precision without reference to planetary positions. After developing the basic precepts of the system I found very exact correspondences for most of the major significant periods in my life going back to a very young age. I have now tested this system for over 40 years with many individuals around the world and empirically proved the concept.
These forecasted periods identify times in which our attention and energy becomes highly focused or bound by issues, problems, fascinations, and/or projects that need resolution in some way, often accompanied by stress, anxiety, or intensity. They also offer opportunity for learning, growth and accomplishment. I refer to the forecasted Challenge/Opportunity periods as Challenge Point periods. There are 48 that occur over a 7 year period which I refer to as a LifeCycle. Of these 48, there are, most notably, 8 Challenge Point periods that can mark significant changes in the direction or focus of yours or anyone's life for some time to come.
Each Challenge Point period lasts 8 weeks. The middle 2 weeks are the most significant as it is often when the issues, problems, fascinations, and/or projects come to a head and mark a turn. Knowing these specific dates can assist you in anticipating these periods and understanding them as part of an inevitable pattern, process, or rhythm that underlies our lives and thus manage them more skillfully or artfully, rather than just being buffeted by the complex of demands and emotions that can arise. In other words, our choice becomes learning and growing rather than reacting and wishing our circumstance was otherwise.
In order to verify for yourself whether what I assert may be true, try this simple test: As clearly as possible, recall the period surrounding your birthdays when you turned 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and any other birthday that is a whole number multiple of 7. The periods around these birthdays are highly significant and can range from many weeks prior to and after the birth date. They are some of the most significant periods in peoples lives. They often mark a significant change or disruption in terms of what life issues come to the forefront of attention and energy for some time thereafter. Certain of these periods can even mark a significant new direction for your life in some fundamental sense.

How to interpret the LifeCycle and Challenge Point Charts

The method used to forecast the periods is consistent and accurate in it's results because the construction of the Zodiac incorporates within it's "geometry of time" the periods that structure the human experience of time; the day, the month, and the year with it's seasons. The day, month, and yearly rhythms have also been shown in many studies to affect biological and psychological events in human as well as other species.
The additional element was to use 7 years as the total length of one LifeCycle, which in turn necessitated a nested structure of twelve 7 month Zodiac Phases, and 7 days between Challenge Days.
The initial reason for this was being aware of the sacred nature ascribed to the number 7 by many ancient cultures around the world. See HERE; as well as the historical recognition of 7 years related to the rather ancient idea of "the ages of man" as immortalized in a Shakespeare play HERE and further down on the same page by the ancient greek philosopher Solon as quoted in the section "On the Ages of Man". Seven year stages of life was a generally accepted notion historically and became incorporated into Rudolph Steiner's theory of human development occurring in 7 year stages as outlined HERE.
There is a strong rationale for assuming that the evolution of any process requires 7 stages or periods based on valid science and not just historical tradition. See the section HERE for additional information as to why the use of "seven-ness" is not at all arbitrary.
  • LifeCycle graphs will show the big picture of your present 7 year LifeCycle. The Challenge Point period graph below the present 7 year LifeCycle will show the detail of your present Challenge Point period. The images below display the author's 7 year LifeCycle and Challenge Point period for the date the author entered the information in the application.
7 Year LifeCycle
  • The following section are short descriptive phrases for the process that occurs over the four Challenge Periods during a Zodiac Phase as well as of the potential character of your experience for each of the twelve Zodiac Phases. Click anywhere below to pull up a separate page, then right click and choose "print. You will then have these descriptions available to refer to later. It needs to be understood that these short descriptions can in no way exhaust the the experiences you might have during your transition through each phase. To more fully understand the process that may occur could require further study or a conversation, which is available as an option in the contact section below.
Challenge Periods
  • Beginning of the Aries Phase is an Initiation Point
  • Within a potential Initiating Event, the search to birth a new life direction or orientation in the midst of the painful process required to move through resistance and overcome barriers without resorting to impulsive decisions and acts as a result of impatience or frustration. The struggle is self-centered and personal, seeking concrete evidence of success, even as one struggles with what feels to be barriers and resistance.
  • Midpoint of the Taurus Phase is a Reorientation Point
  • The search to free oneself from the sense of being "devalued or less capable" and to incarnate a sense of self-value within this new life direction. A Reorientation event, whether obvious or subtle, can change the environment of the Taurus process significantly from one in which the struggle is to feel personally valued to one that is centered on seeking new internal definitions of self-value.
  • The ending of the Gemini Phase is approaching an Initiation Point
  • The search to understand & navigate the new environment and relationships one finds oneself within as a result of the new life direction manifested in Aries and taking shape in Taurus, without resorting to escapism or dark moods. The environment of the Gemini Phase, though requiring social participation, is inwardly focused and struggles with "mood swings" to a darker side. Toward the end of the phase you are approaching an Initiation Point and may sense the initiating event.
  • Beginning of the Cancer Phase is an Initiation Point
  • Within a potential Initiating Event, the search to establish a secure and nurturing "home" and core relationships in the midst of an environment that feels to be constantly shifting and changing and in which you feel vulnerable. Cancer is initiatory but highly inwardly motivated by emotion and feeling, as befits a Water sign.
  • Midpoint of the Leo Phase is a Reorientation Point
  • The search to free oneself from the sense of being "socially ill adapted" and devalued as a result, and incarnate and express a concrete self-identity within one's relations. A Reorientation event, whether obvious or subtle, can change the environment of the Leo process significantly, from one focused more internally toward the manifestation of this "new-identity" within ones relations.
  • The ending of the Virgo Phase is approaching an Initiation Point
  • The search to address the details necessary to serve the present situation and achieve order without resorting to anxiety about the the unknowns "out there" and the feeling of not being adequately valued for your efforts. Toward the end of the phase you are approaching an Initiation Point and may sense the initiating event.
  • Beginning of the Libra Phase is an Initiation Point
  • Within a potential Initiating Event that indicates you have moved into the larger public sphere rather than just operating within your personal sphere, the search to balance others necessities or requirements with ones own even as you feel the requirements to be excessive and overwhelming.
  • Midpoint of the Scorpio Phase is a Reorientation Point
  • The search to free oneself from the sense of not being "appreciated" in your present public role and, at the same time, overwhelmed by the requirements presently demanded and make a break into a different orientation and thus a psychological if not actual freedom from the perceived demand. A Reorientation event, whether obvious or subtle, can change the environment of the Scorpio process significantly from one of feeling crushed by the demand to one in which you know you must "overcome" the demand through a larger perspective.
  • The ending of the Sagittarius Phase is approaching an Initiation Point
  • The search for a greater understanding and purpose within the midst of an environment where you confront extremism at some level within oneself or ones environment. It is a phase in which you search for and embrace "laws or rules or truths" that expand your understanding and prepare you for the commitment necessary in the Capricorn Phase. Toward the end of the phase you are approaching an Initiation Point and may sense the initiating event.
  • Beginning of the Capricorn Phase is an Initiation Point
  • Within a potential Initiating Event, the search to establish a sense of control within an environment that feels disorderly and even chaotic or within circumstances that have arisen that can feel overwhelming and even out of control. It requires discipline and even an authoritarian approach in order to manage the process. Capricorn is the culminating process in the 7 year LifeCycle in terms of ones public social recognition and the demand associated with that recognition.
  • Midpoint of the Aquarius Phase is a Reorientation Point
  • The search to achieve a break from the present perceived social demand while also finding a unique public expression in the midst of the difficulty to incarnate that uniqueness. A Reorientation event, whether obvious or subtle, can change the environment of the Aquarius process significantly from being one focused on breaking from the social demand to one focused on achieving the outward expression.
  • The ending of the Pisces Phase is approaching a new 7 year LifeCycle
  • The search to hold to faith in the midst of perceiving oneself as riding a wave whose destination is not clear without resorting to fear of the unknown that lies ahead when the wave breaks. Toward the end of the phase you are approaching a new 7 year LifeCycle, and you may have some sense of what the Initiating event might be that will challenge you so thoroughly as to enforce the necessity for a new life direction.
  • At this point I have given as much information that can be digestible without the need to write a thesis. If you would like to schedule a conversation in order to understand what your graphs are forecasting, you can schedule that below. If you have a comment or a general question please reach out.

Seven-ness: Why the application works

The links below will provide the additional sources that I have researched that, from my perspective, justifies the use of 7 periods of time or 7 stages as representing the requirement for the evolution of any whole process. The links will pull up popup windows at the midpoint of the window. Click the link again to close the popup.

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My name is Robert Lohmeyer. My interest in this area of forecasting spans 40 years. The application is a very useful tool in and of itself and I am happy to offer it. Feel free to reach out with comments, suggestions, and general questions. I always attempt to follow up.

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