The Universal Pattern

This website is the result of over 35 years study of Astrology and the Predictive Techniques traditionally utilized by Astrology, as well as other systems of forecasting life events. It grew out of a personal search to determine whether any forecasting techniques, and most notably, Astrological Techniques, could forecast with any consistent accuracy specific times in one's life that could be characterized as crisis/opportunity points, or what I refer to as Challenge Point Periods. This website is the answer that resulted. If you are interested in a fuller explanation about the process that occurred in reaching conclusions, please refer to the section "Zodiac Time". 

Though this website is essentially complete, I will make changes as new insights arise relative to the specifics of this "Universal Pattern" and my understanding of it's implications. Thank you for your visit.,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1200,f_auto,q_auto/v1/1306189/2_yslvzs


Human growth and development and the Significant Challenge Points in a person's life follows a pattern of 7 Year Cycles with 12 distinct Phases or "Lessons" of 7 months each. Each of these 12 Phases or Lessons have 4 distinct Challenge Point Periods that mark crisis/opportunity periods when personal life issues of the moment intensify and can come to a head. 


The Traditional Western Zodiac is an ancient, archetypal representation of this Universal Cycle, with each Sign of the Zodiac corresponding to one of the 7 month Phases or Lessons that each human must traverse.


This Universal Pattern is the blueprint for the timing of all signifcant events or experiences in a person's life; regardless of culture, genetics, or environment.    


The intensification of Life Experience during a Challenge Point Periods is most often evident for 2 to 4 week period.


Certain Challenge Point Periods are more significant than others in terms of potential major changes in one's life. Others are more mundane in the specific challenge or challenges that one faces. However, all can be identified as a challenge, crisis, and/or potential opportunity.


The Challenge Point Periods can be predicted with great accuracy and are NOT self-fulfilling. They occur whether you are actually aware of the dates or not.

Test this out for yourself very simply with the following exercise. Look at the beginning of a new 7 Year Cycle, which is one of the most significant periods in a person's life. These periods can effect challenges just prior to and after your birthday at age 7,14,21,28,35,42, and every 7 years thereafter. See if you can identify the significant event(s) that reoriented or changed the trajectory of your life around these times. If you can recall these events, or the significant challenges or reorientation that occurred for you, then you are aware enough of this cycle to justify further exploration.

The 7 Year Clock

The author's present 7 Year Cycle of 12 Phases with 4 Challenge Point Periods during each Phase

gallery/my clock

The 7 Year Clock gives you the specific dates that mark the exact Midpoints of the Challenge Point Periods. There are 4 Challenge Point Periods during each of the 12 Phases of a 7 Year Cycle. Challenge Point Periods last approximately 4 weeks and mark the times when you will face challenges that provide opportunity and/or create crisis. The Midpoint Dates shown on the 7 Year Clock are calculated very specifically based on your date and time of birth.


The 12 Lesson Cycle


Beginning at birth you go through 7 month phases of growth and change throughout your life. After 12 such phases, you have completed a 7 year cycle and you will start over again. Each of these twelve phases or lessons have a describable character or theme. These themes are identical to the 12 character types of the Astrological Zodiac. These Zodiacal archetypes are not just "astrological". They refer to universally relevant "types of experiences"  that are simply reflected in the themes of the 12 signs of the Zodiac developed over thousands of years.  These themes color the types of experiences or issues we will face as we pass through the time period associated with that particular Zodiac sign. During any 7 year cycle, we always pass through each of these 7 month phases in the same order at the "same time" on the 7 Year Clock.  

Each 7 month phase of life has a unique quality or distinct flavor, and the experiences that you have during the phase always addresses the underlying theme of the phase, although uniquely in each individual's case. Each phase can be said to be a life lesson and opportunity for growth. Each phase builds on the previous phase in terms of a growth process or learning process and each phase can also be said to be a correction of the excesses of the previous phase. All twelve phases during a seven year cycle can also be seen as a complete lesson, with the next seven year cycle beginning a new process of growth that builds on the previous seven year cycle.

As you begin a new 7 month phase, the 'theme' of the phase seems to impinge itself upon you with experiences that relate to the theme. Because this is a universal pattern for all human beings, you are forced to deal with the essential issues associated with that particular phase. For instance, the theme of the Virgo Phase, the 6th phase of the seven year cycle, is often related to issues of reappraisal of your relations with others, and/or of your service or employment in life. You will often have to address specific details in your life that may have been overlooked or that become "required" during that period of time. You may also feel during this phase that you are under appreicated and treated more as a servant than a peer in work situations. There are many types of experiences that may arise during this phase, and though the specific experiences and challenges you may face cannot be forecasted with unerring accuracy, the timing of when you face specific Challenge Periods can. And all the experiences you face during a specific 7 month phase will adhere to the underlying archetypal theme. (Forecasting specific experiences can be made, often with remarkbale accuracy, if one is realistically aware of the "trajectory" of one's life. People often look to forecasting to provide "good news" to relieve them of the obligation to face challenges and grow beyond them. No "system" of forecasting can provide this. What they can provide is "perspective", which can be a very precious tool.)

The types of experiences that we have during any 7 month phase will also often be remarkably similar in their essential nature or broad outlines to the experiences we were having seven years prior. We may meet or have relationships with persons who have an effect upon us similar to someone we knew seven years ago, or we may experience a similar series of events. It is uncanny how the same essential issues or themes arise over and over again. And yet this is what the nature of this cycle reveals.

Another characteristic of these phases is that you will experience what I have referred to as predictable Challenge Point Periods during which you will be challenged to respond to events or experiences that "happen". This is inherent to the process that occurs within a phase. The question of how much you determine the experiences of your life and how much is 'fated' or predetermined is not one I will pursue here. As I said above, this pattern does not determine what specifically will happen in your life, but it does pattern for you and everyone else the archetypal issues you must deal with, when you must deal with them, and the particular Challenge Point Periods when these issues will arise most intensely.


The 4 Challenge Points

The Structure of Challenge Point Periods and Their Significance

gallery/challenge point periods

The author's actual Challenge Point Periods for the Aries Phase:

  This is a graphic representation of the 4 Challenge Point Periods with specific dates of potentially intensified challenges

You have been introduced to the idea that there is a Universal Pattern of challenge, crisis, and opportunity that exists for every human being, and that this pattern consists of a 7 Year Process with 12 distinct and predictable Phases, each 7 months in length. You were also introduced to the idea that these 7 month Phases have very particular archetypal 'themes' associated with our experiences as we pass through them that are identical to the archetypal themes of the traditional Astrological Zodiac. One of the primary considerations that should be consistently remembered for the 7 Year Clock to be truly useful as a forecasting tool is the Theme or Character of the Phase you are or will be passing through. These themes reveal the types of challenges you will face as you move through a specific Challenge Point Period.


The Challenge Point Periods during each Phase occur as specific periods of time, clearly and specifically predictable, when the “flow” of our life is disrupted, interrupted, and/or intensified by these "challenges". The challenges may necessitate a reorientation, or even a significant change, in the trajectory of your life, dependent upon the significance of the Phase and the location of the Challenge Point Period on the 7 Year Clock. The Challenge Point Periods do not occur as a continuous, smooth process. There are very specific days/dates when you are most likely to experience the greatest intensification of life challenge.  A series of these days occur during any specific Challenge Point Period. (See the above graphic representation of 4 of these Challenge Point Periods during the Aries Phase of my own 7 year cycle.) The series of days are always spaced 7 days apart. The graph above specifically predicts these Days of Intensification and Challenge as a 3 day spike, with one of these days being the most likely date for the Intensification and Challenge to occur. The graph above are the predictions for when these days/dates would occur for myself, and they were all accurate to within one day. Some were much more challenging than others, but have the knowledge of where I was within the process allowed a perspecitive that is useful in traversing or "practicing with" these challenges 

All Challenge Point Periods are a process of Challenge, Crisis, Opportunity that is shaped as a sort of skewed pyramid to indicate the likely intensity of a specific day/date.  As you "move into" a Challenge Point Period, "issues" in your life will arise that present a challenge. As you approach the Midpoint of the Challenge Point Period, the intensification of the challenge(s) continue.  After passing through the midpoint, which often brings the challenge to head, there is often a noticiable release or reduction in the "problem" associated with the challenge. As you pass further you may experience a “resolution” to the issues you were going through or insights that help you resolve “the problem”, however you define it, at least until you move into the next Challenge Point Period. There are 4 of these Challenge Point Periods during any of the 12 Phases of Growth that occur over the 7 Year Process. Certain Challenge Point periods during the 7 Year Process are far more likely to produce significant change in the trajectory of your life than others. These Challenge Point Periods are the ones corresponding to the Beginning of the Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Phases. I call these Challenge Point Periods "Initiation Points", because a major issue is often initiated shortly before or after these Challenge Points. These 4 Challenge Points are clearly marked on the 7 Year Clock above with Bold Dark Blue lines.  The Challenge Point Periods that correspond to the Midpoints of the Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Phases can also be particularly significant periods in people's lives. I call these Challenge Point Periods "Reorientation Points", as one will often experience a "reorientation" of one's life away from what presently is the case and toward some other "thing".  These are clearly marked on the 7 Year Clock by the Bold Red Lines.  Almost all significant changes in the trajectory of our lives occur around these 8 Challenge Point Periods.


The Progession of the 4 Challenge Point Periods

gallery/the 4 challenge points

What I Offer

I offer a Graph of 3 Phases of your 7 Year Cycle; the Phase you are presently transitioning, and 2 of the following Phases. The Graph is $60. It will include 12 Challenge Point Periods with a minimum of 8 that are upcoming for you, depending on where you are in the 7 Year Cycle. Included with the Graph is a description of each of the Phases and the types of experiences and challenges you may face during each Phase. Each Phase, as stated previously, has 4 Challenge Point Periods, for a total of 12 Challenge Point Periods for the 3 Graphs, covering 21 months of time. The graphs will have the same format as illustrated in the above section: "The 4 Challenge Points". The Graphs are calculated from your birth information with accuracy to within one day for dates that are most likely to bring very specific challenge and crisis/opportunity. Please refer to the section above describing a Challenge Point Period. The Graphs also clearly identify the especially significant "Intitiation Points" and "Reorientation Points", as also described in the above section "The 4 Challenge Points".  This order can be completely sufficient for understanding the timing of Challenge Point Periods and, with the information already outlined on this website, understand to a certain degree the significance and implications of your experiences as you pass through a 7 Month Phase and it's Challenge Point Periods.


I also offer a 1 hour Consult, if desired, for an additional $60, either with or after your purchase of a Graph. You will need to have a Graph for a consult, but you may wish to wait to test for yourself the accuracy of a Challenge Point Period in forecasting "challenges" brfore paying for a consult. Over the years I have found that people often seek a consult around the time of an Initiation Point or Reorientation Point. The Consult will cover any question you wish to ask. If you simply want a "reading", I will interpret the potential events that may arise for you based on where you are in your cycle and any information you wish to share about the present trajectory of your life.


Once you send your order information with the form below, you will be sent a response that includes a PayPal Buy Now Link to purchase your order through PayPal with either a credit card, debit card, or PayPal Funds Transfer. The PalPal Link is a secure way to make payment. Once payment is received you will receive your 3 Challenge Point Period Graphs with a description of the Phases. If you have ordered a Consult with your Graph, or simply a Consultation, I will email you with my availability dates and times. I am located in the Pacific Northwest and am thus on US Pacific Time. You will also be given the choice to consult through an online conference room (Zoom) with Screen Sharing, Skype with Screen Sharing, or simply by phone conference. The online conference room (Zoom) will require the download and installation of a small program in order to access the room at the scheduled time. Skype will require that you have this program installed on your computer and know how to use it. 


This site is my contribution to the world of Astrological Forecasting and the understanding of Human Life Cycles, and I offer it not as a way to earn a living, as I am employed in another profession. This tool has been very helpful to me in my journey to understand the "logic" of a human lifetime, and I offer it to others who may also find it helpful.


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Zodiac Time

My search for a truly accurate forecasting tool


Early Astronomy/Astrology (in antiquity there was no real distinction between astronomy and astrology) 1 was early man's first observations about the space/time in which he existed. The Horizontal Plane of the Earth was his earliest reference point, or measurement device, for observations of all the "objects" in the universe that moved in relation to the Horizon. The Horizon did not move from his perspective. Everything else moved in relation to it.
Other spatial/temporal circles/cycles grew from the observations made from the Horizontal Plane, the fixed position for ancient man, including the Ecliptic path of the Sun marking the yearly seasonal cycle.

This website is the result of 35 years study of Astrology and the Predictive Techniques traditionally utilized by Astrology, as well as other systems of forecasting life events. It grew out of a personal search driven by one of the central philosophical questions in human history: the question of fate versus free will. Astrology directly addresses this question by positing that patterns of celestial bodies correspond to effects in human events, whether personal or social. And of course, modern scientific determinism posits no such coorespondence. Thus, my testing was an empirical test to determin whether any forecasting techniques, and most notably, Astrological Techniques, could forecast with any consistent accuracy specific times in my life and others that could be characterized as crisis/opportunity points, or what I refer to as Challenge Point Periods. The various techniques utilized by Astrology demonstrated varying degrees of accuracy, with spectacular hits and misses; however, they all proved disappointing in clearly & consistently identifying significant times in which one is most likely to experience crisis and potential opportunity. For me, the object was to determine if there was an underlying logic to the timing and types of "significant" events that often characterize people's lives; the meeting and falling in love with a significant other, events surrounding the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, the timing of an event associated with "success" or "achievement", the loss of a job, the loss of a lover or painful breakup of a marriage or other partnership, a spiritual or religious revelation, a significant insight into a problem one is facing, a difficult period marked by a loss of some kind, any realization that changes the course of one's life or significantly reorients it. I became frustrated with the imprecision of traditional Astrological Techniques. Even one of the most reliable techniques, known as Transits to the Natal Chart, proved inadequate for the accuracy I was seeking. Several years into this process it began to dawn on me that the Archetypal Astrological Zodiac itself was the key, rather than any other Astrological techniques that simply used the Zodiac as a backdrop for measurement.

I realized that the Zodiac itself is the fundamental "timing" instrument for significantly accurate forecasting of challenge periods in one's life, not the timing of angular relationships between a person's Natal Chart and any other celestial or abstract entity, be they Transits or Parts or Asteriods, or whatever. The Zodiac is a cycle/circle that is a synthesis and formalization by the Babylonian (and the earlier Sumerian) culture, according to several theories, of three obviously observable cycles. The first cycle is the apparent daily rotation of all the many celestial objects beyond the Horizon in the diurnal cycle. The most notable of these for early man would probably have been the Sun.

The second cycle was the yearly seasonal cycle of the Sun, which had obvious significant importance in many cultures as a mechanism for timing critical events, such as planting or harvesting. This cycle was determined by the events of the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, when the Sun rises due East and sets due West. Additionally, the Winter and Summer Soltices are marked at opposite dates for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and are the points at which the the Sun reaches it's highest and lowest points in relation to the Horizon. The actual degree of arch is directly related to how closely one lived to the equator, but the principal is the same, since the maximun degree of arc would be reached on the same dates. It is presumed by some researchers that the 360 degrees chosen for specifying the division of a circle was chosen as a result of the Babylonian preference for a base 60 numeral system, even though they were aware of the base 10 system and of the fact that it took slightly over 365 days for the Sun to return to it's Spring Equinoctial position in the Zodiac. 3   

The third cycle that was formalized into the Zodiac was the monthly (slightly less than 30 days) Lunation cycle from New Moon to Full Moon and back to New Moon. 4 (See this website for a fuller explanation of this process or see the Wikipedia article here.)

The time cycles on which the Zodiac is based are also evident within the lifecycles of organisms on earth, including man. Daily and seasonal rhythms have been well documented in many studies. Although lunar rhythms are more elusive, they do exist and have been documented. The realization that became obvious to me is that the "timing" mechanism incorporated in the Zodiac is inherent within the human organism, not simply a reflection of certain astronomical events "outside" man.  In other words, we live in Zodiac Time.

Simultaneous with this realization that the Zodiac itself is the fundamental "timing" instrument for significantly accurate forecasting of challenge periods in one's life was the understanding that the time period that was to be "timed" by the Zodiac was a 7 year cycle. Why 7 years? I was aware of the almost universal references to the number 7 in various contexts in holy texts and mythical cosmogonies from around the world; the reference to the 7 year stages of life by Solon, the ancient Greek Lawgiver; the developmental stages promulgated by Rudolph Steiner; and of course the references within the Esoteric Yogic (and now highly popularized) 7 stages of growth implicit in the Chakra System. (I am also aware of the unique characteristics of 7 as a prime number.) However, what was most convincing was my familiarity with the work of Arthur M. Young, who was a Princeton trained mathematician, aeronautical engineer, philosopher of science, and inventor of the helicopter as we know it today. His work elucidated from a thoroughly grounded western science based philosophy that there is a universally relevant 7 stage process inherent in all evolutionary based systems, and in the evolutionary heirarchy of all the realms of the universe itself, from Photons of Light to Quantum, Atomic, Molecular Levels up to Man and beyond into the Realm of Consciousness Itself. It was thus not a great leap of insight to assume that we humans pass through 7 year processes.  Please refer below for more on the work of Arthur M Young.

1. "Astrology and astronomy were archaically treated together (Latin: astrologia), and were only gradually separated in Western 17th century philosophy (the "Age of Reason") with the rejection of astrology." From Wikipedia article on Astrology and Astronomy
2. I won't argue for whether early astronomer's were using a Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac, as I am of the opinion that they were just as likely to have not made a distinction. To quote Robert Hand from his article "On the Invariance of the Tropical Zodiac";  "To conclude: I do not assert that the ancients were tropicalists, nor do I assert that they were siderealists. I assert that whatever they may have known about precession they tended not to make the distinction, and when they did, they would have been just as likely to give precedence to the tropical as the sidereal for divinatory purposes."
3. The Sumerian/Babylonian cultures were very likely aware of the unique characterisitics of the number 360 itself. This number can be divided by all the base numbers of the Base 10 number system, 1 through 9, without resorting to fractions, except for the number 7. This uniqueness of the number 360 is further illustrated in relation to a recently discovered circular geometric progression produced by prime numbers, which will be covered in another topic soon. Suffice it to say that ancient "scientists" may very well have been more fundamentally attuned to a "patterned" reality underlying and structuring our presently understood material reality than our present day "priesthood" of scientific materialism and determinism. 
4."Regardless of the culture, all lunar months approximate the mean length of the synodic month, or how long it takes on average to pass through each phase (new, half, full moon) and back again." From Wikipedia article on "Lunar Month"














The Work of Arthur M Young


Arthur M. Young was a Princeton trained mathematician, philosopher, aeronautical engineer, and inventor of the helicopter as we know it today. He wrote two seminal books in what can be termed the Philosophy of Science. (Click on the picture to be taken to his website).

In "The Reflexive Universe" he states that his purpose "is to develop a theory of the evolution of the universe." He does this by integrating the laws of physics with other sciences and "with the testimony consistently expressed by empirical evidence not explained by science", such as those that come out of spiritual traditions. He makes a clear case for the hypothesis that there is a Fundamental 7 Stage Process that occurs at 4 levels of manifestation from the Physics of Light and the realm of Quantum Mechanics to the realm of the Human Species and into the realm of Consciousness Itself.


In "The Geometry of Meaning" he establishes clearly that the Tropical Zodiac can be seen as a "Geometry of Meaning". In other words, the geometry inherent in the Zodiac and developed in man's early history is a geometry of ALL meaning. This geometry can be applied to any area of conceptual consideration; whether scientific, philosophical, psychological, religious; and in doing so, find the correlates for the basic principles and measures of the system under consideration within the relationships reflected in the Zodiac. He demonstrates this very clearly for the Measure Formulas of Calculus, which were discovered simultaneously by both Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz. In the invention of Calculus and it's use by Newton to predict planetary motion, Newton "made possible a new ideology, determinism; an ideology that became the basis for almost all science." (Science and Astrology Arthur M Young pg 2)


In demonstrating that even the fundamental bases of western science fits itself to an ancient schema of 12 archetypes and a 7 stage process, Arthur M Young illuminates a Universal Pattern that can integrate and illuminate any system of conceptual categorization invented by man. This archetypal framework provides a theoretical basis for understanding that our life "process", from birth to death (and beyond), also, invariably fits itself to this schema of a 7 stage process integrated within a 12 phase "Geometry of Meaning" exemplified by the ancient archetypal Zodiac of 12 character types.


This search for a "truly accurate forecasting tool" helped me understand that the "I" we all consistently refer to was not somehow separated out, but that what we call "I" was itself a pattern, and in fact, a very predictable pattern of changes. It helped me understand that every person's suffering is the result of viewing him/her "self" apart, when there is no evidence that we are somehow "separated out" from the "process" of it "all". We, as apparent individuals, are not separated out. We are, in fact, part a universally evident process. Our suffering and persistently anxious need and search is motivated by this sense of separation, as the testimony of most of the worlds esoteric religious teachings point out.


The 7 Year Clock is a direct contradiction to this notion of separation. The Universal Pattern "times" all human lifetimes in exactly the same manner, and with the same archetypal "experiences", as clarified with the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.